Sunday, May 21, 2017

True Confessions

Just hanging out, waiting for the sun to come out today. 

I have a confession ~ see where my tail meets my bum?  I chew the hair off my tail there.  This is the latest (although I've been doing it for months now) iteration of my lifelong allergic dermatitis.  I used to bite my skin in various places on my belly, breaking the skin and causing hot spots.  At least I don't do that any more.  Now I just defoliate certain areas of my more-private parts. 

Mom gave me two different homeopathic remedies, but neither worked to stop me.  Now I've been on Omega Fish Oil for a couple months, which is good for my general health anyway, but I still haven't stopped my hair-chewing habit.

Mom used to be pretty worried about me doing this, and she still chides me sometimes.  But I'm in fine health overall.  So, it's just what it is.  Maybe I'll grow out of it.  I've still got a few years left in me.

1 comment:

Jan said...

Oh no! This is not good...extra love to you.