Sunday, May 14, 2017

Aging Kitty

This is me on mom's office chair.  Duh, it just recently dawned on me that not only can I sit in her chair when she's not sitting in it, but that I can use the chair to get up onto the table instead of having to jump straight up to the table.  An aging cat needs to figure out ways to make life easier on himself.

So, today is my 14th birthday.  That's 98 human years.  This last 13 cat years, since mom rescued me, have sure gone quickly.  I'll most likely be gone before another five years has elapsed.  So all of our time together, especially now and in the coming days/years, is and will be really special.  And kind of bittersweet at the same time.

Life goes by quickly.  Make sure you're happy and contented, and that you enjoy every day to the fullest.  Even if that means just hanging out around the house with your beloved human.


mim said...

Wow, cuz, I'm only 4 years old. Same age as my human's grandkid who drives me nuts. She runs around a lot and sings in a high pitched voices and sometimes screams when I get near her. Of course, I swat at her cause she, also, gets in my puffy bed, which is not good. And she sits on my favorite stool. When we are both 14, maybe we'll be friends. I hope you're having sun filled moments in the studio. yer cuz, Beez

Jan said...

What a wise cat you are...I'm looking forward to seeing you next week.xxj