Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oh My!

The worktable that I'm sitting on in this photo collapsed yesterday, for the second time.  No, I wasn't on it, fortunately.  Although a pot of water for me was.  The gods were with us, however, and the water didn't spill, unbelievably but thankfully.

So I've got no big table to traverse until the new table that mom ordered yesterday arrives on the 24th. 

Mom can't paint for a while now, until the studio is back together.  So we've both got to make a small sacrifice to the gods of change.

Mom's going to a Thanksgiving Dinner this coming Saturday...I'm hoping she brings home a slice or two of turkey for me.  Turkey is my fave food.

Happy Turkey Day on the 26th, and don't be a turkey!

1 comment:

mim said...

Meow! So glad you weren't ON the table. One of my jumps onto the ironing board caused the iron to fall off and it almost got me, but I was quick. It made a load noise but I still jump up onto the ironing board cause it's near my "mom" when she's on the computer and I can get really close to her. Then I step onto the computer! HAH! yer cuz, Bizoo.