Friday, August 21, 2015


Mom began the week observing a vow of silence.  It didn't last long, because things came up for her to deal with voice-to-voice.  She virtually stopped talking to me as well, which I absolutely hated.  Although I was stoic about it.  I knew she couldn't not talk to me for very long.  Truth is, I'm the only one she really wants to talk to anyway.

Things returned to normal mid-week.  She chatters away to me all the time again, so I'm blissed out.  I love mom's voice.  I love the conversations we have regularly, even though I don't speak American Human.  We understand each other completely.  Interspecies communication ~ that's our thing.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mug Shot

Mom's taking a blogging break, but I'm not.  Guess I'll be her mouthpiece for a little while.  After all, she's mine...

I've been resting a lot on mom's studio table.  It's a good height for me, puts me at eye level with her.  I can't jump up here directly though...I jump onto her computer table, then take a flying leap across the 3 foot span between the tables.  Although I do dismount from here directly onto the floor.  I can't go back the way I came because there's not enough of a flight path for me on the smaller table.

Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to mom painting again soon.  Because I just love to walk across the table when there's wet paint.  I'm pretty good about not stepping on any actual paintings, but I have stepped in paint on mom's palette more than once.  She's fairly rigorous about shooing me off the table, but I always make sure to leave a few cat hairs behind.  Which she then has to pull off her paintings with a tweezer...because they've become embedded in paint.