Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Earth to BeeGee

Where have I been?  Nowhere...just here.  Doin' nothing special, on days when everything is special just because I'm alive, and because I love my mum, and because life is good.  Day after day.  I'm wondering whether I should bother at all continuing to blog.  Mom has invited me to write a post now and then on her blog, but I haven't decided yet.  Meanwhile, far too much time has elapsed since the last time I checked in here, and I'm feeling a smidge guilty.

Anyway, back to my afternoon nap.  Happy autumn, if you're in the NoHem, or spring, if you're not.   


Valerie Kamikubo said...

Please, don't stop posting, Beege. I'd miss you too much.

mim said...

Oh no, no, no, meow, meow meow, I'd miss you so. Even if you only give an occassional meow, it's good to see you.
yer cuz in Virginia, Bizoo

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hey Bro..this is Timmy...the other tabby..gawd life has been weird since we last spoke. I moved out to Mum's months back. Mum, Dad and Ta'liek moved into a rental house. I love being with my Mummy and having Ta'liek to play with. He is very gentle. I miss all the sissys and skitz though and grandma. Grandma sees me several days a week though and she does my litter tray for me and brings me dried food. I meow all the time when she comes over. Still leaving hair everywhere...oh and I ripped up all the lino in the bathroom...well I got bored. gonna go back to sleep now before Ta'liek wakes up. Chill mate.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi Beeg,
This is Emma. You are looking good. A fuzzy tabby called Charlie has moved in next door and of course LOVES our yard. I didn't mind him at first but he kept stalking Maxie so I had to give him the 'Paw' and tell him this is MY yard. Now I stalk him even though they have a high new fence. I can hear him around because of his collars. Fancy coming into my yard and going all over the place and terrorizing the guinea pig. The nerve of him.
I only like two big tabbys and that is you and Timmy.
Well back to border patrol. Emma

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi Beeg,
Emma said I should send you a hello cause you are our cuz in the USA. I'm Maxi. Mummy adopted me a couple of months ago. I am a chihuahua...sorta hairy without the big ears. Mummy says I'm small and cute.Life has been very scary since the animal inspectors took 45 of us away from our Mummy and Daddy because they were too old to look after us properly. After vet visits i spent ages in the shelter and then they sent the last of us to other cities because we weren't finding homes. It was too much and I hid under the beds all the time. I heard the shelter people say that I was too old to move easily. I am 10. Mummy came to look at another one of us but he was taken so she had a look at me....eventually when they could get me out from under the bed. I snuggled against Mummy then she left but she came back for me after I had my vet stuff. Home is good but still scary. There are 6 cats (that is what Emma says they are called)...they dont know what I am and I had never seen any cats before either. They are ok but Skitz likes to chase everyone. I have a corner behind the lounge that I call my own. Mummy takes me outside several times a day with Emma and sometimes Angel and Dot. Mummy had a dog before me ... a big German Shepherd. She thinks having a little dog is strange. Nice to meet you Beeg. Emma says it is time to go pee. Maxi

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hey Beeg,
Gosh it was boring here but we have some strange animal turned up and that is different. Oh and I get to chase my sis, Princess Peepers, all the time. Boy can she growl. oh and Emma says the new shorty is a dog. Doesn't look like my Mum Storm though. I keep trying to escape but Mum guards the door pretty well. I will persevere. ceya mate, Skitz