Monday, September 29, 2014


Thank you friends, for chiming in here after my last post.  Actually only two of you, but that's good enough for me.  Far be it from me to disappoint anyone.  I waggled my paw at mom and said, "See?  My audience needs me.  You can't delete my blog!"  I also made her promise to take photos of me regularly again, so I have something to blog about.

Hot off the press ~ having my own personal PowWow on the floor of the studio, with parrot feathers mom collected in August when she visited Miranda's Rescue.  She snuck behind the parrot cages during Miranda's annual auction, while nobody was looking.  The feathers were just laying on the ground, composting.

We're big fans and supporters of Miranda's.  They're just down the road from us in Fortuna ~ you can actually see the sanctuary from the bluff by Rose Cottage.  Check out their website.  And support animal rescues!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Earth to BeeGee

Where have I been?  Nowhere...just here.  Doin' nothing special, on days when everything is special just because I'm alive, and because I love my mum, and because life is good.  Day after day.  I'm wondering whether I should bother at all continuing to blog.  Mom has invited me to write a post now and then on her blog, but I haven't decided yet.  Meanwhile, far too much time has elapsed since the last time I checked in here, and I'm feeling a smidge guilty.

Anyway, back to my afternoon nap.  Happy autumn, if you're in the NoHem, or spring, if you're not.