Friday, April 18, 2014

Blood Relations

I have a new vet.  Her name is Dr. Jennifer.  Mom took me to see her on Wednesday for an annual well senior exam.  I'll be 11 next month, guess that means I'm well into my senior feline years.

Anyhoo, Dr. Jennifer took some of my blood, my first blood draw ever.  And guess what she said?  I have the blood of a young cat!  Isn't that great! 

My teeth need to be cleaned, though, so I'll be going back in on April 28 to have that taken care of.  Not especially looking forward to that.

The related by blood part of this post is that whenever mom has her blood drawn at her doctor's, they keep telling her she has the blood of a younger person, too.  From her blood alone, they always think she's 20 years younger than she is.

So we're connected by our good blood...among other things.


mim said...

That is very good news, cuz, live long and purr on! Your cuz, Bizoo

Maggi said...

You both look young, even without the confirmation of blood results.