Saturday, March 1, 2014

Family Mythology

Mom often recounts for me the story of my being rescued from abandonment, way back in 2004 when we lived in Eureka.

A recent twist to the story is that mom's not sure any more who rescued whom.  She needed someone to love and accept her unconditionally, just like I did.  So really, we rescued each other.

We're soulmates, no doubt about that.  We're best buds, we're always there for each other, we take care of each other, we love being together.

Just the other day mom said it was destined for us to find each other.  That she had to go through every single experience she went through to be in the exact spot where I'd been abandoned, at the precise time I was looking for my forever home.

Works for me.


Maggi said...

You are both very lucky.

mim said...

Meow, Cuz. I like your story. Thanks for sharing it. My Mom (Misty) has a rescue story, too, which make us all lucky. Her rescuer is a dog person but her dog friend had recently died. She didn't plan on becoming a cat person, but rescued Misty and set about learning all about cats and, shortly thereafter, kittens. She became a super good cat and kitten lady. She found good homes for all of us kittens, but Mom Misty still lives with her new friend. Lucky should be all of our middles names. Your cuz, Bizoo