Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rain on the Way

Mom takes photos of me virtually all the time but then has the audacity to not post them here to my blog on a regular basis.  For shame, mumsie!  So I cajoled her into posting all the recent images of me that she's been hoarding in her New Uploads folder.  This first photo was...I don't know, maybe a couple weeks ago.

This one was last week.  I've taken to drinking water out of her painting studio supply when, and only when, I am certain it hasn't been contaminated with paint!
A while ago, here..."helping" mom iron her aloha shirts.  Looking devious.

As we speak I am looking out the west window watching the sky cloud up.  There's heavy rain in the forecast for the North Coast, beginning late tonight.  The sky was clear when we woke up this morning, but those telltale high white clouds on the edge of the front have begun to cover the sky.

Have a good weekend, catfans!  Purrs and meows from Beeg.

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Maggi said...

For shame indeed. Lovely to see you again.