Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Time Flies

Egad, time has flown.  I don't know where the last month went.

I've been sleeping a lot (although not any more than my usual 16 or so hours a day -- normal for us felines), watching mom garden outside, hanging out with mom whenever she's on the other words, meditating, purring, and soaking up the love. 

It's been a pretty mild early spring so far.  The next several days will bring rain, though.  We need it, we always need it.

It's my birthday right about now -- we're not exactly sure when, but we know it's in the spring.  I'm 10 this year.  In November it'll be 9 years that I've been with mom. 

I was a stray before I found mom.  My early people abandoned me and I started hanging out in mom's backyard when she lived in Eureka.  I was attracted by Aja and Grayson, mom's two other cats at the time.  I knew this was a cat-friendly home, so I set my sights on becoming part of the family.
I've been mom's one-and-only since late 2006.  She thought that after a couple years with just her and me, possibly she would adopt a girl kitty for me.  But we enjoyed our time alone so much that that never happened.  And then there was the Kirby fiasco a few years ago.  And now our home is too small for another cat.  But mostly we're just really happy being alone together, our own version of two peas in a and BeeGee.


Maggi said...

Happy Birthday. You made a smart choice when you moved there :)

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Happy Birthday, Handsome!
You are looking marvellous. All the cats here have been watching me fiddle around in the garden. Now they are wondering what is happening as I am trying to clear the lounge dining to rip up the carpet and fix down some laminate. I expect they will want to help.
Timmy, the big Tabby guest cat is here permanently now but he sure is naughty chasing and fighting with the other cats.
Big hug, Beeg.
Aunty Shirley in Oz