Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Napping in Sunbeams

My favorite place to snooze -- on piles of fabric.  Pardon my inattentiveness while I settle down to a nap.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Time Flies

Egad, time has flown.  I don't know where the last month went.

I've been sleeping a lot (although not any more than my usual 16 or so hours a day -- normal for us felines), watching mom garden outside, hanging out with mom whenever she's on the computer...in other words, meditating, purring, and soaking up the love. 

It's been a pretty mild early spring so far.  The next several days will bring rain, though.  We need it, we always need it.

It's my birthday right about now -- we're not exactly sure when, but we know it's in the spring.  I'm 10 this year.  In November it'll be 9 years that I've been with mom. 

I was a stray before I found mom.  My early people abandoned me and I started hanging out in mom's backyard when she lived in Eureka.  I was attracted by Aja and Grayson, mom's two other cats at the time.  I knew this was a cat-friendly home, so I set my sights on becoming part of the family.
I've been mom's one-and-only since late 2006.  She thought that after a couple years with just her and me, possibly she would adopt a girl kitty for me.  But we enjoyed our time alone so much that that never happened.  And then there was the Kirby fiasco a few years ago.  And now our home is too small for another cat.  But mostly we're just really happy being alone together, our own version of two peas in a pod...mom and BeeGee.