Monday, January 28, 2013

I Have a Plan

I like to get mom miffed sometimes -- it's all part of my plan. 

The thing that I do that drives her the craziest is playing (or trying to play) with the threads she binds her books with, while she's binding said books.  She becomes bitchy and bossy, she chides me, she physically lifts me off her worktable and places me on the floor just so I can jump back up on the table again.

So last night she was binding a book with, would you believe it, eight needles and eight separate threads.  Wow, that was sheer heaven to me.  I was beside myself, I just couldn't NOT attack those threads.  Mom was not a happy camper.

The plan part of this is that afterwards mom feels so guilty for raising her voice at me that she is even more lovey dovey than usual, and spends the rest of the evening apologizing to me.  Hah!  I should be apologizing to her!

I can be a devil when I want to be -- I'm that sure of mom's forever love and unconditional acceptance of me.  So I try not to be, any more than necessary to keep mom on her toes!


Maggi said...

You shouldn't feel too guilty when she tempts you so unashamedly.

Jan said...

Well, if I were you, I'd not be able to resist that many threads! It's a good thing there's no room for a crate, or you'd have been in kitty time out!