Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Haunt

I have a new haunt ~ insinuating myself onto the shelf where mom keeps her jeans and some of our linens.  I was being really quiet so mom wouldn't find me...but there aren't that many places to look.  So she found me fairly quickly.

Well, here it is, the near-end of yet another year.  Guess I'd better wish you all Happy Holidays before it becomes 2013 while I'm not looking.

So have a good one catfans, and see you on the flip side.

Purrs & meows from Beeg


Maggi said...

Cats may be good at finding comfortable hiding places but moms are even better at searching them out. Happy Christmas to you and mom.

Jan said...

That spot looks so cozy, BeeGee. And I bet you were hoping Mom would find you...

Happy New Year to you and your mom.

Auntie Jan

Derby, Ducky said...

Happy New Year.