Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Better Than Ever

I'm feeling SO good these days.  Mom finally got me completely OFF food with grain in it, and I've never felt better.  I'm happier, my coat is shinier, I rarely itch anymore, and I have more spunk than ever.

I have a condition called "allergic dermatitis."  That means my skin is prone to itch in the presence of antigens.  A single flea bite can initiate a very long stretch of itching, biting myself to scratch the itching, and the consequent scabs under my coat.  It's been a couple years at least since I had a flea bite, but still I itched a lot, much of the time.

Through a process of trial and error, and periodic changes to my diet, mom's suspicion turned out to be correct ~ I am allergic to grain.  As I suspect many animals are without their owners realizing it.  Although there are more and more grain-free catfoods available these days, so the petfood folks must be wising up to this issue.

The thing is, in our experience, most (perhaps all?) vets don't recognize this.  I'm not knocking veterinarians...but just like doctors prescribe drugs because they get kickbacks and freebies from drug companies, so do vets recommend certain petfood brands that aren't really good for animals.  In addition to grain in petfood in general, many of these brands contain a high percentage of peanut hulls, which are indigestible, and huge amounts of corn, most of which is genetically modified.  Bad stuff.

Go for grain-free food.  It just might cure whatever ails you.



k.crane said...

you look good Beeg!

Maggi said...

You are looking good. That's one wise Mom you have there.