Thursday, May 24, 2012

Real Estate

Space is limited at our I often park myself on the traditionally-non-business end of mom's ironing board (it's actually the business end for mom).  Usually she just works around me whenever she can, just going to show that I'm the one who's really in charge here.

Mom calls me "BeeGee Rose" all the time, that IS my name, after all.  She also tells me often that if she were a botanist and could hybridize roses, she'd create one called the BeeGee rose.  It might be a deep rusty orange with tinges of brown.  That's sweet of her, isn't it? 

If that ever happened, I'd lobby strongly for the new rose to honor the actual Bee Gees instead of me.  They were one of mom's favorite groups, I was named after them, and sadly there's only one (Barry) remaining of the original three.

Life happens.  Things change.


Jan said...

Oh BeeGee: I never doubted that you are in charge...just like my Annabelle was. How do you felines DO it?

You forgot to mention whether you like the BeeGees' music. I do, and I'm sad, too.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi handsome. I am helping Mummy have some time out on the computer this morning. Everyone else is still asleep so there is no fighting over it. Just Mummy and I snuggling in the old lounge. Ooops H has arrived. Back to following Mummy around while she does the washing. Noooooo he is taking me away.......... Bye Beeg....Love Emma