Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wake Me When You're Done

I've been keeping myself occupied (read: sleeping) while mom's been busy at work in the studio lately.  I insist on at least 16 hours a day of beauty rest, and a pile of quilts is always a good place to catch some winks.

The weather was lovely earlier this week, now it's coldish again, but hopefully just temporarily.  I do love the windows open and the breezes coming through.  But not today.

Okay...back to my nap.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back in Action

Now that mom's feeling better, I can blog again.  I keep trying to use the keyboard myself in the mornings when she's on the computer, but I keep writing gobledygoop.  So yeah, I still need mom (obviously for a lot of reasons) and I'm glad she's feeling like a human again.  A compassionate animal-loving human, not the other kind.

Winter is slowly becoming spring where we are.  The weather has warmed up a few degrees, but still there's intermittent rain most days.  It's kind of boring.

I'll write again sooner, I promise.  Purrs and meows to you all.