Monday, March 28, 2011

Making Myself Useful

"Be not simply good...Be good for something"!

Forget feather toys, give me the feather duster.  I love this thing, nearly as much as I used to love feather toys.  And while I'm batting it around the house, I've been known to dislodge dust bunnies from under furniture. 

So put me to good use, I'm your guy!

Ciao4now, catfans!

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Jan said...

Yay Beeg--you have a job! I'm sure this makes your mom happy. It seems like Bogie's job is to knock things off any relatively high surface, so Mom has to bend over to pick them up. Euginie's job is...hmmm...let me far her job is to fulfill the sweetness quota around here, especially when Mom isn't feeling so sweet. (Bogie is sweet, too, just that, you know, boy kind of sweetness.)

Auntie Jan