Monday, March 7, 2011

Climbing the Walls

...more like climbing the shelves, a new challenge for me.  I love finding new places to explore.  It's amazing how many cool and unusual places there are to park myself here at Rose Cottage.  If Mom only knew what I get into when she's away at work!

I'm happy to report that I'm in better health than I've maybe ever been.  I rarely scratch and preen much anymore -- other than the usual 2 or 3 mini baths a day.  I'm still a little heavier than I should be, but we've struck a nice balance between my dual issues of weight gain and allergic dermatitis.  The weight management food makes my dermatitis act up, the no-grain food has more kCals in it so if I eat only that, my weight starts to go up again.  I'm eating 50/50 right now and that seems to be working.

The excessive wax in my ears from mid last year has virtually disappeared, with Mom's weekly ear checks and cleaning.  We think the no-grain diet is helping here, as well.

Right now I'm dozing on a pillow next to Mom, on the couch, while she translates my thought waves into text.  It was another rainy day in paradise today, likely more of the same tomorrow.

Hope you're all healthy and happy.  Purrs & meows from Beeg! 


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hey Beeg,
Love your climbing frame. It was a lovely damp day here too. Mummy likes days like those. Good to hear your dermatitis is improving. I put on all the weight I lost when Mummy's eldest was here. He is so tall he scared me even though he was nice to me. I hid upstairs and didn't come down for nibbles as often. It is getting cooler so we are all starting to sleep on or around Mummy again.
Purrs Angel Puss

Jan said...

Greetings BeeGee, from the beach.

Bogie says I should tell you that he really doesn't like getting a pill and then waiting an hour to eat! These health issues are a real drag, but he knows he's lucky there's something that can stop the heaves. They make Mom very unhappy...

Euginie is a bit shy and doesn't have much to say, but I think she does NOT want any more cats to move in.

Bogie and Euginie both like to climb up on things, but I haven't been able to get a tree yet. Maybe soon....

Take good care of your Mom and give her some purrs from me.

Auntie Jan