Saturday, December 11, 2010

Neighborhood Watch

I've appointed myself the Park Police for our little corner of Royal Crest, where we live.  You wouldn't believe the things I see in a day -- of course, nobody's concerned because they know I'd never divulge their secrets.  I do like to keep myself apprised of the goings on, though.

There's the guy across the street...the red truck around the corner...the man with the flags...the old gal with the dog named Vader (who looks suspiciously like Darth)...the closest neighbors and their cool (according to Mom) garden.  Never a dull moment!

Mom caught me in this photo soaking up pyramid power under the crystals, navel gazing.  Don't I look surprised?

Hope you're all having a good weekend. 

Ciao, Beeg


Jan said...

I can think of no more able watcher than you, Beeg. Keep up the good work. I'm going to have 2 cats for a few months, because their mom is sick. We want her to get better soon, but I'm happy to help in this way that makes me doubly happy. I pick them up today!

I'd better get ready!

kisses, pet, pet, kisses
Auntie Jan

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi Handsome! I'm sure you are a wonderful watchcat keeping an eye on the neighbourhood. My babies dont get to see the main road as our house is tucked in the side of a hill but they do watch me, Storm and the birds from the living room and kitchen windows. Skitz loves to charge from one window to another as he follows the bird flight.
Purrsss and huggs to you dear.