Friday, October 29, 2010

Here's Lookin' Atcha

Not much to report, except that life's good.  Small is beautiful, as they say.  I never imagined that Mom and I could live in such a small space together and be so happy.  Especially after living in that huge house that was five or six times bigger than our digs now.  Well, we're both older and wiser, and we need less stuff in our lives.  As long as we have each other, that's all that counts.

Happy Hallowe'en, catfans.  Don't eat too much candy!


Jan said...

Never underestimate a cat's ability to adapt, after the requisite protests and an adjustment period! Glad you're in a good place, Beeg!

Auntie Jan

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Muummmmy, what's candy? Ah, lollies...yummy smelly lollies like 'Little Mum' leaves the wrappers of around the pc when 'Big Mumma' is occupied elsewhere. What's Halloween, Cuz? Muuummmm? We don't do that here??... But what is it?? hah, hah?????? Mummmmm?
"Move over Skitz, I want to say hello to Beeg".
Hi Beeg, great photo. MY Mummy and I are so happy for you and your Mummy having such a great place like Rose Cottage to share. We are bow sharing our little corner with Nana's dress dummy. So much fun when there is draping!!!
Hugs and Purrs from us all. Emma