Friday, October 8, 2010

A Dull Roar

I've been speaking up lately, letting Mom know that I'm happy with our new arrangement.  I love having all my old things back -- our pea green couch, the ottoman I can stretch out on (as in the photos here), my zabuton (chaise longue, nee meditation pad), fabrics I remember from the past, Mom's cozy mummy bag that she leaves on the couch for me every time she goes into Eureka.  Absolutely nothing to complain about.

I've also got a bunch of new toys -- new feather toys (the kind I used to adore before Kirby ate all the feathers off the old ones), stretchy wand toys, new little catnip pillows that Mom made for me.  Mostly I just rest and look out the windows now, though.  Unless Mom engages me.

Life's good.  I'm happy.  I think Mom is, too!

Have a great weekend, cat fans.  Purrs & Meows from Beeg

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frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi Handsome,
Great photos. You do look happy. I'm happy because Mummy and I had fish for tea. I nearly got away with a scallop. Now I am going to have a nap on Mummy's lap while she types on the pc. Earlier, three of us joined Mum on her heirloom stitching. So much fun snatching the the lace and buttons.
Enjoy the new toys.
purrsssss Emma