Sunday, September 19, 2010

Parting Shots

These are the last photos of Kirby and I together.  Why? you ask.  Because I "died and went to heaven" yesterday.  By which I mean that Mom and I moved out of Dad's mobile into her studio yesterday.  Just the two of us, again, in a very cool and very small space.  The fact that I tried to scratch my way through the window screen last night notwithstanding, I will get the hang of of small(er) space living with just Mom.  Dad's just going to have to come over and say hi now and then.

So Dad got custody of Kirby.  Yes, I'm sad we had to separate, but no, I'm not going to miss his constant harassment.  All things work out for the best in the end.

Sometime in the hopefully not too distant future, Mom will get internet service in the studio.  For right now, I'll likely be posting from Starbuck's, which is where Mom is now.  Of course I'm not with her -- I made sure she wrote down everything I wanted to say, verbatim, before she left the studio this morning.

So we're letting go and moving on.  I'll write again soon.

Purrs & Meows, Beeg

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frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hey Beeg,
It's too bad about the family breakup but it is much better for everyone if our Mummy's are happy. I know our Mummy wouldn't adjust to a full time arrangement again. She likes being a single lady responsible to herself and I dont think we would like to share her anyway. How cool to move into the studio. You and Mum will have so much to share together. Take care, mate.