Saturday, August 21, 2010


Mom's been busy, so I've been on a forced hiatus from posting. So much for being in control of my own life.

Not much to report, other than that the weather continues to be stinky. Virtually no summer at all this year. Not yet anyway. Maybe we'll have an Indian Summer if we're lucky. It's felt like winter, though, these past few days. Makes me grouchy.

Kirby is about the same size I am now, although he weighs less. He's got a lanky frame, he's long and tall, and has a lot of tail! I'll post a photo of us together again, sometime soon.

Well, that's it for now. Mom's yawning, has to get up early tomorrow, so my posting session has to end.

Ciao for now, catfans!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Can you tell by my face that I've lost maybe 4 pounds? I'm a little sleeker than I was, not long ago. We're all happy about that.

We've had icky weather here for at least a week. I mean, it's WET in the mornings, and the moist fog doesn't burn off until mid- to late afternoon, if at all. I find it kind of depressing. Especially since this is supposed to be summertime. I think I have a spot of S.A.D. -- seasonal affect disorder. Oh well, what's a cat to do?

Just checking in to say hi. Not much else is new in my world. Hope all you kitties out there are well and happy.

Purrs & Meows from Beeg