Saturday, July 10, 2010

One Year Old Today

In honor of Kirby's first birthday, today, I'm having myself a drink!

Happy Birthday, Kirbs! Life wouldn't be the same without you. I love you, bro!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Singing in less than unison...meow, meow, meow...Happy Birthday to Kirby...Happy Birthday to Kirby...

Awesome cus. The babies here are 7 months old. Have a great day guys.
Purrs from all of us Down Under,
Emma, Angel, Precious, Dot, Skitz, Princess Peepers.

Jan said...

Kirby, you look a little alarmed by your birthday. I hope your day was a good one--maybe you saw something special outside.

BeeGee--you can clue him in on what to expect at this age.

tiedyejudy said...

Awwww.... Happy Birthday Kirby! And I see you like high places like your lookalike, my Bubba! And Beeg... really! The Toilet? What is it with you guys?! Hope you both enjoyed the day!