Friday, June 11, 2010

Up On The Edge of My Perch

I'm so jazzed about this new Blogger thing that I'll likely be posting more often, now. Or at least until the glitz wears off. But I'm really stoked. You can see I switched back to the bamboo forest background. I think I'll stay here for a while.

Things have quieted down around the house, much of the time anyway. Kirby and I still have our scuffles. But he's a little calmer than he was, thankfully, so I'm not feeling quite as on edge. Dad's been sick and sleeping on the couch for the last week, so our sleep patterns are somewhat different than usual.

I've been feeling self contained, I keep to myself more. Sometimes I'll just plunk myself down on the carpet on the edge of the room and watch life by go. I suppose you could say I've become more meditative, more serene...more sagacious, perhaps. I'm hoping I'm not becoming arrogant and snooty!

Well, it's time to eat supper. See you later, catfans.


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Great Photo Beeg,
Precious..our esteemed Queen and I..can't handle the antics of all the younger cats so we usually retire upstairs to our favourite hidey holes and perches and leave downstairs to the young'ns. We just want some peace and quiet. Give your Daddy lots of Lemon and Honey Tea. I supervise its making in our house.
Cheers Angel Puss.
PS I'm named after the book Angel Puss by Coleen McCullough. Mummy read it to us.

Kim said...

I just found your blog, my cats are reading over my shoulder, and quite impatient that they can't post on their own... I can't figure out how to let them, maybe they'll discover on their own. They say to tell you they are glad you are feeling a bit better (they have their own scuffles, as brothers do) and like your blog. We'll all be back!