Monday, March 22, 2010

A Family Affair

Dad took these photos on his phone, emailed them to Mom...she downloaded and then tweaked them in Photoshop, and voila! Art Cats!

We're enjoying early spring in our hemisphere...especially those scent laden breezes coming in through the windows. Kirby, sacked out on Mom's computer as we speak, has been an absolute Psycho Kitty lately. I try to stay out of his way, but he's unavoidable much of the time. I've been known to hide under the bed to steer clear of him.

Not a whole lot else is new. Oh yeah, Mom told me she's making another quilt with a photo of me on it. How cool is that! I 'spose Kirby's next...I can see a black & white quilt in Mom's future!

Bye for now! Purrs & meows from Beeg!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hey Beeg,
Great shot! Life's quiet here in Oz as well. The littlies are driving us crazy with their antics. Kitties !! I hide upstairs.

We have your pic on the computer. It is great to say hi to it whenever we want to get to the window via the computer desk.


Jan said...

Hi Beegee,

We are preparing for a 2-month visit: Sara's cat Paige, who has been living with Kelly and Jacob for so long she's become their cat (how does THAT work?, is coming here to be with us. So we have been kicked out of the bedroom at night because that's where Paige will be. We hear she's kinda sick and needs injections every other day...what a drag.

Phooey. Our moms, Sara and Cath, miss us, but Cath is sleeping much better without Nami's bad bed manners. Auntie Jan even locked Nami out last night...guess she was spoiled while in Modesto. (No licking, no romping on the bed, no climbing on the nightstand...doesn't sound like fun to me!--Nami.)

We're very impressed with your art shots.

Sorry you can't go outside--we are living life dangerously by being in and out.

Nami and Mina