Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Relative Obscurity

Mom realized just this morning that "where it's happening" for minute to minute cat blatherings, is on Facebook. So she scooted on over there and checked out a few cat fan pages and profiles, and her first thought was, Let's get BeeGee and Kirby on Facebook!

But wait, I said, what about your hands and all that extra computer work another Facebook presence would create for you, Mom?

And she said, BeeGee darling, I think you're right. We don't need to compete with all the cats vying for attention on Facebook, regardless of how adorable and well-loved they are. Maybe we're getting too old for trying to keep up with the Guido's and the Mike's and the Spot's.

Besides, (and this is where Mom and I made a joint executive decision to stay with what we have right here), we kinda like the relative obscurity of where we're located, both in the real world and in cyberspace.

In the real world, we live in a corner of a mobile home park on the edge of a little burg (Fortuna) in the middle of Humboldt County, on California's North Coast, 250 miles north of San Francisco and 100 miles south of the Oregon state line. A virtual nowhere (except to everybody who lives here and loves it and wouldn't live anyplace else).

In cyberspace, we live at Blogger and we have the attention of you readers, the few or many that you may be. We don't need to conquer any popularity contests with an ever growing list of friends, fans, readers or hits. We're happy with what we have.

So happy day, catfans, and thanks for reading!

Hugs & Purrs from Beeg & Kirby


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Thank You...Beeg and Kirby. We love reading your blog and following your wonderful quiet life. We like the only excitement to be one of us trying to escape out the sliding door. Mummy likes Blogger and the cat photos on Our photos are on Mummy's blog if you would like to see all of us. There is one little boy now and that takes some getting used to.
Purrs Emma

tiedyejudy said...

Fear not Beeg & Kirby! You have a loyal fan here, and I check daily to see if you've been getting into mischief! FB is really crowded with lots of chatter... much better to stay in your cozy little nook! What a wonderful picture of the two of you... looks like the friendship is growing!