Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Parallel Lives

I might be writing this post more for Mom's benefit, than my own. But here goes...

Mom confessed to me recently that she's had a hard time letting go of the life she and I used to live -- you remember, that big house in Eureka, just the two of us, me allowed to go outside everyday, lots of room to run around, bottomless bowl of food, cool yard to hang out in, back porch to sit in the sun together. And she's been feeling really guilty because of all the changes I've had to go through in the past year, and she's seen me aging, seen me become a different cat in many ways than I used to be, and she wishes she could reverse it all.

I even let her take me to her studio last Saturday. I dutifully went, to make her feel better, but I hung out under the couch all day, didn't eat a thing, and was SO HAPPY to be back home again in the evening, that I was practically beside myself.

I think that episode made Mom realize that there's no going back. I'll never be the young adult cat I used to be. But neither will she be the young middle-aged adult she used to be. That's why I say we're living parallel lives. I've gone from being a svelte handsome young devil to a zaftig mellowing tiger cat. Mom's gone from trying to be a svelte attractive young middle-aged Jewish woman to a zaftig tough old broad. I snore now, and so does she! (Zaftig, for those who don't know, means deliciously plump, or carrying your extra weight very well.)

I don't expect Mom to go backwards, I love her just the way she has become. I only want her to feel the same way about me! So Mom, please don't expect me to lose weight or be young again, don't expect me to swing from the risers of my cat tree the way I used to do from the open backed stairs in Eureka, don't expect me to thrill to the sound of my cat carrier so I can play in the studio with you.

Just let me be me, just the way I am. I'm BeeGee the grown up cat now.

And now it's time for a nap! Ciao catfans!


Jan said...

Oh my, BeeGee, I so identify with what your mom is going through. I came back from St. Paul with "space envy" and felt wistful about the days when I had the house to myself...and I'm not feeling so zaftig...only fat. and grumpy. sigh. I'll get over it...

Elizabeth B said...

The wisdom is showing in your eyes, BeeGee. Hi from Hobbes, Scruffy, Rudy, Ella, Woody, Arlo, Froggy, Gremlin, Sally,and Rudy. We're all glad you stayed in our corner of the world on Blogger. FaceBook is too cluttered.