Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Goofy Brother

If he could climb into it, he would! Kirby's absolutely entranced by Mom's printer. He thinks it's magic, the sounds it makes, the paper or fabric coming out of it. Mysterious, and wonderful!

He loves getting into the garbage, pulls out used bandages and Q-tips, old shopping lists, whatever, schleps them around the house. He gets a hold of the lace of Dad's boot, in his mouth, and drags the boot across the kitchen floor. He climbs up on the kitchen counter and drinks water out of cups there waiting to be washed. He runs through the house with one of his wand toys, the handle of the wand in his mouth, and wraps the thing around table legs. With his little paw he'll scoop pens and pencils out of baskets, or pull them out of pencil jars, and bats them off the table onto the floor.

He's driving me crazy but I love him!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Beeg....We have two like that as well. They have decided to make me their Mum ...what a handful! Ours are only two months old. Will I survive.

Purrs Emma

Jan said...

I have a cat like Kirby who is into EVERYTHING! Who needs cable when you have cats?