Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Boys in the 'Hood

I look like I'm praying here, and Kirby looks like a deer in the headlights! Maybe I'm praying that Kirby jumps in front of that car! NOT! This photo is from a couple weeks ago.

Tonight, I'm supervising Mom from atop the cat tree. Kirby is curled up on the desk next to Mom -- that's right, he's in MY spot. Uh-oh, here he comes, he's perched on the printer, eyeing the top of the cat tree. Any moment now he'll make his leap, we'll tussle, and I'll get disgusted and give up my spot to him.

I was right, that's exactly what just happened. Now I'm down on the windowsill...maybe we need a webcam so you can keep track of our moment to moment whereabouts! Boy, would that be boring. Mostly we sleep, with occasional eating and playing. Housecats, that's what we are!

Ciao for now, catfans. Happy February!

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frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hey Beeg,
You and Kirby are looking great. We had a cat visitor for three days with his Mummy. He has been before. Precious was very unimpressed and there were major standoffs. Scary stuff. All settled down now. The rest of us can come off from top of the cupboards and sleep our days away as normal again.
Purrs Emma