Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Parallel Lives

I might be writing this post more for Mom's benefit, than my own. But here goes...

Mom confessed to me recently that she's had a hard time letting go of the life she and I used to live -- you remember, that big house in Eureka, just the two of us, me allowed to go outside everyday, lots of room to run around, bottomless bowl of food, cool yard to hang out in, back porch to sit in the sun together. And she's been feeling really guilty because of all the changes I've had to go through in the past year, and she's seen me aging, seen me become a different cat in many ways than I used to be, and she wishes she could reverse it all.

I even let her take me to her studio last Saturday. I dutifully went, to make her feel better, but I hung out under the couch all day, didn't eat a thing, and was SO HAPPY to be back home again in the evening, that I was practically beside myself.

I think that episode made Mom realize that there's no going back. I'll never be the young adult cat I used to be. But neither will she be the young middle-aged adult she used to be. That's why I say we're living parallel lives. I've gone from being a svelte handsome young devil to a zaftig mellowing tiger cat. Mom's gone from trying to be a svelte attractive young middle-aged Jewish woman to a zaftig tough old broad. I snore now, and so does she! (Zaftig, for those who don't know, means deliciously plump, or carrying your extra weight very well.)

I don't expect Mom to go backwards, I love her just the way she has become. I only want her to feel the same way about me! So Mom, please don't expect me to lose weight or be young again, don't expect me to swing from the risers of my cat tree the way I used to do from the open backed stairs in Eureka, don't expect me to thrill to the sound of my cat carrier so I can play in the studio with you.

Just let me be me, just the way I am. I'm BeeGee the grown up cat now.

And now it's time for a nap! Ciao catfans!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Relative Obscurity

Mom realized just this morning that "where it's happening" for minute to minute cat blatherings, is on Facebook. So she scooted on over there and checked out a few cat fan pages and profiles, and her first thought was, Let's get BeeGee and Kirby on Facebook!

But wait, I said, what about your hands and all that extra computer work another Facebook presence would create for you, Mom?

And she said, BeeGee darling, I think you're right. We don't need to compete with all the cats vying for attention on Facebook, regardless of how adorable and well-loved they are. Maybe we're getting too old for trying to keep up with the Guido's and the Mike's and the Spot's.

Besides, (and this is where Mom and I made a joint executive decision to stay with what we have right here), we kinda like the relative obscurity of where we're located, both in the real world and in cyberspace.

In the real world, we live in a corner of a mobile home park on the edge of a little burg (Fortuna) in the middle of Humboldt County, on California's North Coast, 250 miles north of San Francisco and 100 miles south of the Oregon state line. A virtual nowhere (except to everybody who lives here and loves it and wouldn't live anyplace else).

In cyberspace, we live at Blogger and we have the attention of you readers, the few or many that you may be. We don't need to conquer any popularity contests with an ever growing list of friends, fans, readers or hits. We're happy with what we have.

So happy day, catfans, and thanks for reading!

Hugs & Purrs from Beeg & Kirby

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Goofy Brother

If he could climb into it, he would! Kirby's absolutely entranced by Mom's printer. He thinks it's magic, the sounds it makes, the paper or fabric coming out of it. Mysterious, and wonderful!

He loves getting into the garbage, pulls out used bandages and Q-tips, old shopping lists, whatever, schleps them around the house. He gets a hold of the lace of Dad's boot, in his mouth, and drags the boot across the kitchen floor. He climbs up on the kitchen counter and drinks water out of cups there waiting to be washed. He runs through the house with one of his wand toys, the handle of the wand in his mouth, and wraps the thing around table legs. With his little paw he'll scoop pens and pencils out of baskets, or pull them out of pencil jars, and bats them off the table onto the floor.

He's driving me crazy but I love him!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Boys in the 'Hood

I look like I'm praying here, and Kirby looks like a deer in the headlights! Maybe I'm praying that Kirby jumps in front of that car! NOT! This photo is from a couple weeks ago.

Tonight, I'm supervising Mom from atop the cat tree. Kirby is curled up on the desk next to Mom -- that's right, he's in MY spot. Uh-oh, here he comes, he's perched on the printer, eyeing the top of the cat tree. Any moment now he'll make his leap, we'll tussle, and I'll get disgusted and give up my spot to him.

I was right, that's exactly what just happened. Now I'm down on the windowsill...maybe we need a webcam so you can keep track of our moment to moment whereabouts! Boy, would that be boring. Mostly we sleep, with occasional eating and playing. Housecats, that's what we are!

Ciao for now, catfans. Happy February!