Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fat & Happy

Actually, I should say, "fat and depressed." Mom finally diagnosed that I've been depressed, just like she gets periodically. I mean, with all the changes I suffered in 2009, it's no wonder I've been having a hard time shaking off the blues -- new digs, no more going outside, more time alone, new family member. That's a lot for one cat to handle.

Yeah, they thought getting Kirby for me would make me feel better, and I think it will, over time. But after the initial novelty of having a best bud wore off, I slipped into sadness again. I gave up so much last year...things are SO different for me than they were a year ago. I'm having trouble letting go of the past.

And I took a good look at myself in the mirror recently, and egad! I'm no longer the svelte guy I used to be. I overheard Mom and Dad talking the other day about how I was broadening, and I'm quite sure they weren't talking about my intellectual development!

So Kirb and I are on a new food regime. Mom was mixing Kirby's kitten food with my adult food, because he kept eating my food and I kept going for his. And I've always been a grazer so there's always been a bowl of kibble available. It's not that I was eating a lot more now, it's just that my sedentary lifestyle has finally caught up with me. So the new plan is that we each have bowls of our own food -- and mine is now Lite kibble for weight management -- and when we're not eating meals, the lids are snapped on the bowls. And Mom or Dad monitor us while we eat so we don't get into each other's food. Regular meals, stricter diet, and hopefully I'll shed a couple of pounds. That's my goal for this year!

Catcha later catfans! Ciao meow!

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frazzledsugarplummum said...

Me too Beeg. Since Mum took me in I have continually grazed on never know when the food will run out...but since I don't get to roam outside anymore I have lost my figure too. It might look good on a handsome puss like you but I'm looking like a shot putter. Mum has limited grazing times now and with the new kitties keeping us on our claws I hope to regain some of my lean mean look.
Life is still good. Purrs Angel