Friday, December 11, 2009

Psssst...Don't Tell Anyone!

It's Friday evening, Kirby arrived on Wednesday, and we're already playing -- to some extent, anyway. I'm not hiding under the bed anymore, we're seeking each other out a little bit, the hissing is down to a dull roar. Maybe Mom was right...maybe this IS going to work out.

You gotta admit this guy is a looker. I could do worse for a little brother. I'm considering whether to make this a team blog -- the two of us -- but I think I like having this venue as my solo personal voice to the world. Think I'd better keep it my own thing. Having Kirby in my/our lives now is still part of the story of BeeGee.

So, lest you were worried about things here in Fortuna, I just wanted to let you know that it's looking better than I imagined it would! More updates as they're available.

Ciao, catfans!


Cindy said...

Oh...I am soooo glad they are becoming friends.

Elizabeth B said...

He is handsome, BeeGee -- but he's got some BIG paw prints to grow into. After all, YOU are his older brother. Glad he's turning out to be OK. When Mom and Dad adopted me, my oldest sis, WIGGS, was helpful in teaching me the ropes of housecatness. She died when I was a year old (she was about 18), but she left me with the WIGGS memorial ear notch which I wear with pride. I share the stories of her with my current sibs. Meow!

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Kirby looks like he could be our brother...we are all black and white....even those two new little ones. We aren't hissing at them anymore either. Have fun with your new bro Beeg.