Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Lucky Guy

Dad said he was envious that I had my own personal trainer now (Kirby, that is), and he doesn't! Yes, Kirby's been running me around the house day and fact, last night the folks couldn't get to sleep until the wee hours because Kirby and I were playing King of the Mountain on my over-the-bed perch. And I, of course, kept yammering, sounded like we were having our own kind of conversation, and the folks down below kept telling us to put a lid on it!

I'm loving this guy, but truth be told, I can hardly wait 'til he grows up! He's such a firecracker, gets into everything, and frankly it's a bit much for middle-aged me. But shoot, who am I to complain! I still do like spending time alone, though. Which is one reason I'm taking back control of my blog. It's still MY blog, it's me talking here, and I don't want that to change.

So, Happy New Year to you all, from me, BeeGee, and my little shadow, Kirby! May we all be happy and healthy in 2010 and beyond!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Thanks Beeg and a happy 2010 for you and Kirby and your Mummy and Daddy. The new babies here race around all over the place too. It is too hot for racing around. Send us some cold.
Purrs Emma, Dot, Precious, Angel, Skitz and Princess Peepers.

tiedyejudy said...

It's okay, Beeg.... before you know it, you'll both be laid back, takin' it all in. My boys have their own room for snoozing at night, 'cause I'm a light sleeper. Maybe it's time your folks let you two sleep/play in the living room, while they get some rest!
Happy New Year, kitty boy!

Meg in Nelson said...

Yeah, BG - Take control! And have a kick ass one, yourself!!