Thursday, December 17, 2009

Am I Having Fun Yet? bet I am! At this very moment, Mom is typing away, I'm on her left with my tail getting in the way of her fingers on the keyboard, Kirby is sitting on her right, watching, trying to figure out what mischief to get into next! Oh, now he's batting my tail, now he's walking on the keyboard, now he's up on the shelf overhead, now he's grabbed ahold of Mom's rubber stamp, down on the keyboard again, and I'm out of here!

I'm trying to remember if I was this much of a nuisance when I was a youngster. Mom can't tell me, I wasn't with her then, so I can only imagine that I was. But God, been there done that. I'm far more sophisticated now, these trifles don't amuse me like they do Kirby. Like the eraser he just knocked down off the shelf, onto the desk, onto the floor, and who knows when it'll be seen again! Yesterday he knocked the clock off the shelf, the battery went flying out, and hours later the cover to the battery case was found on the floor in the kitchen!

Such is the madness of kittendom! I am enjoying Kirby, though. He's a delight, no doubt about it!

More later. Ciao for now. Purrs and meows, Beeg


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi Beeg,
It is good that Kirby has you to be big brother. The new kitties here sure are into everything too.It's hard to find room on Mum's lap now. Have fun. Emma

tiedyejudy said...

What a perfect match! Just like my two, who are now a little more mature than when Bubba came to join us... but he still likes to knock things on to the floor, sit right where I'm trying to use the computer... gotta love 'em!