Thursday, September 24, 2009

The One And Only

I'm relieved to report that Mom decided against adopting another kitty. She's actually had her eye on a six month old male, white with sporadic tabby markings...but she finally came to her senses and realized that since he's available from the Sequoia Humane Society, with time he WILL find a wonderful home. In the end, I think she knew that our relationship would change irrevocably with the addition of another housemate ~ and neither she nor I want that. I'll live with feeling lonely during the daytime when I'm on my own, just so long as I get to be Top Cat.

Besides, now that we've been in Fortuna for six months (can you believe it?), we've all settled into a wonderful rhythm. And why tinker with that when it's working for all of us?

So, it's all good.

Purrs and Meows from your faithful correspondent, BeeGee!


Elizabeth B said...

Your Mom is a wise woman. She's right, the nature of your relationships would change -- when we adopted the motley crew of 5 from across the street (who were destined for the place that shall not be spoken of), our life changed irrevocably. While Scruffy, Sister, Rudy, Arlo and I view ourselves as Saints for saving the motleys, we miss the attention that now has to be divided amongst all of us. Truth is, we'd all love to be "onlies." Meows to your mom for the good work she's doing.

Noir in Texas said...

My name is Noir. I live in Texas. You and me both have white chest and white feeties. I know my human, Tommy would like to go back to the days of having just 2 kitties and especially the Perry, the 8 year cranky orange tabby, wishes NONE of us showed up, so Tommy could be all his again. It's been 3 years--and Tommy wishes she didn't need to divide her love and cans of catfood--but she doesn't know who she'd part with. All in all, it works. I think you'd like a playmate. You'd still be Top Cat, cuz you'd bop the new kitty on the head and tell em, what's what. :)


Chiti said...

I believe that a playmate is wonderfull, especially if spending time alone, without humans - which can be boring.