Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Old Cat, New Trick

Can you believe this?! The folks moved my gi-normous cat tree out of the livingroom and into the office, by a window (duh!), and now I'm using it. They pretty much convinced me that this was an entirely new piece of furniture! I'm liking this. Change is good.

The rest of the story is that Mom bought a smaller cat tree to put in the livingroom, because this one was way too big for the space, but, wonder of wonders, I wouldn't use that one, either. Actually, it was too small for my good-sized build. The only one of these cat tree-things big enough for me is the one I already have. Anyhow, Mom returned the second one, and I overheard her saying she'd probably just get a scratching post for me for the livingroom so I don't destroy the human furniture. Just as cat tree is enough, thank you very much. Especially now that I'm using it!

Which just goes to show ~ you CAN teach an adult cat new tricks!

Purrs & Meows!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The One And Only

I'm relieved to report that Mom decided against adopting another kitty. She's actually had her eye on a six month old male, white with sporadic tabby markings...but she finally came to her senses and realized that since he's available from the Sequoia Humane Society, with time he WILL find a wonderful home. In the end, I think she knew that our relationship would change irrevocably with the addition of another housemate ~ and neither she nor I want that. I'll live with feeling lonely during the daytime when I'm on my own, just so long as I get to be Top Cat.

Besides, now that we've been in Fortuna for six months (can you believe it?), we've all settled into a wonderful rhythm. And why tinker with that when it's working for all of us?

So, it's all good.

Purrs and Meows from your faithful correspondent, BeeGee!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

I'm spending an inordinate amount of time these days cozying up to the window ledges with my nose plastered to the screens. It's almost as good as being outside. Our weather here is HOT, hot for us anyway, and we're all laying low.

Mom started a new job last week, as bookkeeper for the Sequoia Humane Society. I'm wondering how long it'll be before she brings home another kitty! I don't know whether to feel hopeful or betrayed...truthfully I am kind of lonely, but I sure like being the only feline in our digs. Our mobile's awfully small for another cat as well as me, and I know Dad's strong preference is for there to be just one of us cats here at a time. So I probably have nothing to be concerned about.

I'm just going to go about my business being the best cat in the universe!

Purrs and meows from Beeg!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

They Did It!

Here I sit watching Our New Bed being installed last Tuesday evening! Yes, the folks finally did it, bought a queen-size bed for our collective comfort. Well, their's anyway. I'm still spending most of the night on my perch overlooking the bed, where I can keep my eye on midnight ramblers in the 'hood out the window.

Dad's a very happy camper with the new bed (memory foam, FYI), Mom's still getting used to it. Most likely they'll get a pillow top mattress pad, which will make both Mom and me very happy. Personally, I prefer the cushiness of the old bed, too, like Mom does.

Anyhow, happy sleeping, catfans! Purrs and meows from Beeg!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Living Royally

Remember that new chair I mentioned in a recent post...I've claimed it as my own! When Dad's not sitting in it, I am. Last night I even lounged on the extended leg rest while the folks watched TV.

The chair I had sat in for years -- that prior to me "belonged" to Aja and Grayson -- no longer did it for me, once we moved. Maybe it's because where it was in our new place didn't catch the morning sun. Maybe I was just tired of it. I don't know. But I think this new chair that Dad got was really for my benefit, darling selfish tabby that I am!

Last night we all started watching The Closer, beginning with Season 1. The folks like it a lot. Mom hadn't seen any of it before, Dad had only seen parts of Season 1. So we're in for a few weeks of good programming. For those not in the know, The Closer, starring Kyra Sedgwick, is about a police detective transferred from Atlanta to L.A., a sweet southern gal negotiating her way through the L.A. police bureaucracy and solving murders that no one else can. Highly recommended.

Back to my nap! Have a good Sunday. Purrs and meows from me!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sleight of Hand

I slipped out this afternoon when Mom came in through the front door...but I didn't get very far. I jumped off the porch, sniffed around the grass for a moment, got on my back and wiggled around, and then before I knew it Mom was picking me up and carting me back inside the house! I tried to tell her I wouldn't run away, but she probably knows me better than I admit to knowing myself!

Oh well, can't blame a guy for trying, right!?

Purrs and meows from inside the house on a beautiful early fall evening in paradise!