Sunday, August 9, 2009

Who'd a Thunk!

I'm an indoor cat, and indoor cats don't get fleas...right? WRONG!! Mom found two fleas on me yesterday, which explains why I've been itching and scratching so much lately. She hadn't been flea combing me regularly because we all thought it would be impossible for me to catch a flea or two without going outside. But there they were, those darn little buggers.

Dad thinks he likely brought them in the house on his work clothes, seeing that he works "in the bush" around the property here as Assistant Manager of our mobile home park.

Oh well, the fleas are gone now and Mom dosed me up with Advantage so I'm good for at least another month. That and my twice daily antihistamines and I'll be good as new in a day or two!

Hope the warm weather critters don't bother you guys. Have a good one.

Ciao meow!

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