Sunday, July 5, 2009

Laid Low Last Night

Because I was under the bed most of last night -- due to the frightening fireworks outside -- this photo is from another recent time. But last night, I was into deep, dark territory under the bed, in fact, Dad couldn't find me at all and imagined that I had vanished into thin air!

I couldn't be coaxed out for all the tea in China. After things quieted down outside, though, I crept out and slept with Mom on the couch. The cool thing is that the bedroom door was open all night but I didn't bother Dad once!

Now I'm sitting on the windowsill in the office and Mom's typing while I'm dictating this post.

I've lost count, now, on how long I've been in the house -- since the harness fiasco. Who cares, anyway? I'm happy as a clam.

So, another lazy Sunday for me. Although I expect Mom will be at the studio. She's rarely lazy, got to hand it to her. As long as she doesn't expect me to pull any weight, I'm okay!

Have a good one, cat fans...ciao meow!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi BeeGee
Loud scary noises are disturbing. Your Mummy could do your lovely stripe pattern in one of her art works.
Purrs Emma

Elizabeth B said...

As you may recall, I predicted that no good would come of that harness biz... it never does. No cat with any self-respect will allow himself to be shackled to the guidance of a human.

But at least your Mom didn't do to you what our Dad did to my 2 baby bros. The boys (Froggy and Gremlin) and their wild mom (Miss Woods) had diminished our bird population by 3 or 4. Dad loves his yard birds and decided this had to stop and bought these awful collars with jingle bells attached to them so that the birds would know when the boys were out and about in the backyard. The kids were so embarrassed. Mom told the guys it could be worse, that Dad could have bought the pink collars with rhinestones and then they would have been rhinestone catboys, but they didn't find that comforting a t'all.

Fortunately, they have learned to lose the collars. At first they were dumping them inside the house, which was dumb because Dad just collected them and put them back on. Now they dump them outside and he has to buy new ones which they immediately donate to nature. After six sets, he seems to have given up. The good news is that Miss Woods and family are leaving the birdies alone so Dad is happier. What Dad doesn't know is that I explained to the Woods that those of us who are restricted to the house enjoy watching the birds, and we did not like to see Miss Woods and sons interfering with our enjoyment. I am glad you have ceased your interfering with your Dad's sleep. We cats must be good catizens.

As ever,