Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feelin' Groovey

I was going to label this post "Feelin' Guilty," but Mom just convinced me that I don't need to be guilty for writing so seldom these days. It's summertime, and everybody's on holiday. Me too!

But right now I'm sitting here with Mom as she works on the computer, and she said I could check in and say hi. So, Hi!

My allergic dermatitis has really been acting up, as it usually does during the warm months -- although you could hardly call the weather here warm...I spend every day on the down duvet on the bed, trying to stay cozy during this particularly damp and gloomy summer we're having. Oh well, what's a cat to do!

Back to my delicate condition, Mom remembered the other day that the vet told her she could give me a certain kind of antihistamine twice a day, which really helps with the itchy skin. So things are a little better right now since I'm back on my "medication." What I take is called Chlor tabs, it's chlorpheniramine, as opposed to the benedryl type of antihistamines. Mom gives me a 4 mg tab twice a day, and taking the pills doesn't even bother me that much. What a good patient I am! Whatever works, I say.

Well, catch y'all later...ciao meow!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi BeeGee,
Good news that you have something for your itchy skin and how good a patient are you. It is wet and cold here down near the South Pole but we snuggle with Mummy Ok. Time for lots of naps.
Purrs Emma

Elizabeth B said...

If I could, I would share some of my nice fur coat with you (although you might not like it since it is orange, and I know you're a little sensitive about orange/yellow cats these days). It is long, and soft, and lovely -- at least according to Mom and Dad. Here in Georgia, summer is hot so I don't really need it. My older bro Rudy has that skin stuff, but his allergy is to fleas and Mom and Dad control that pretty well. Sleep warm!
Ella Belle (hi from Scruffy and Hobbes)