Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When I Feel Like It...

...I can be a big help to Mom. Although I'm usually more interested in being a pain in the butt, nosing into things where I'm in the way -- you know, for the sake of playfulness.

This was me when I deigned to let Mom take me to her studio a couple weeks ago, standing on the quilt she just finished yesterday.

Mostly these days I'm just interested in hanging out, playing the role of contented housecat to the max. And speaking of being contented, I was quite a bit over my distrust of Mom today. For the most part I let her hang out with me without running away from her. I know she's happy about that.

Things have gotten a lot calmer in the house since last week's fiasco. Now that Mom's not trying to get me to be someone I'm not, and just accepting me for who I am, there's an ease and graciousness to life that feels wonderful. Thank Goddess for small miracles!

Ciao meow!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

It is so much fun helping Mummy with her stitching. Not much room with us all noseying in though. Great photo.

Elizabeth B said...

Life sounds good -- contentment is hard to beat. By the way, your front leg bracelets look like the shibori you're sitting on, a nice unity there!