Saturday, June 6, 2009

Promises, Promises

Here I am standing on the shelf that Dad built behind the bed. This is the very thing I spend hours and hours behind, underneath the bed. I'm still waiting for the perch I've been promised. Until that's installed, no one knows whether or not I'll be able to settle down at night in the bedroom...

In all fairness, the perch is in process. Dad cut the wood a couple weeks ago, when he built the shelf. They were going to cover it with a carpet remnant, but that didn't look like it was going to work real well. Mom got a piece of 2 inch thick foam this week, and some thick fleecy fabric to stretch over that, and it'll all be stapled to the board. I can't wait. I'm anxious to give this thing a try.

Right now, though, about half my nights are spent on the back of the livingroom couch, looking out that window, and the other half of the night I'm laying on top of Mom or right beside her.

You all sleep tight! Ciao meow!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Meow BeeGee,
Of course, there is nothing like sleeping on Mummy. We all do. Altough it gets a bit rocky when Mummy turns over. Look forward to seeing your new perch and hearing your review on it.
Ciao Emma and Dot

Elizabeth B said...

I don't have a perch, but I do have a wonderful cat bed that I prefer NOT to share with others. It sits in my own room on top of the washing machine and it lets me stare out the back door if I have a mind too. Froggy and Gremlin have a kitty bed that they curl up in together, but too much togetherness isn't my style. Sally and Rudy have separate beds, but they prefer to share as well. When Mom and Dad "banned" me to my bedroom, I made them feel guilty about it for several months -- howling at top decibel from my new bedroom. But, the truth is, their snoring was (and is) off the charts and they probably didn't hear me. They think it's cute now that when they say "Hobbes, bedtime" I run to my room and hop in the bed. Actually, I like it so much that if they're staying up too late, I'll quit snuggling with them in the den and just put myself to bed. A girl needs her sleep!