Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On Vacation

I admit I've not been a very good correspondent of late. Most days I'm right here, on the bed, sunbathing. Taking a housecat's vacation. Enjoying life to the fullest. Not worrying about a thing. Content as can be.

I'll check in with you all again real soon. Tell me how you're spending your summer or winter, let's compare notes.

Ciao meow!


tiedyejudy said...

There's the dilemma... sleeping all day, awake and frisky all night. My boys are the same, but alas... they get to go hunting at night so they get rid of that excess energy! Poor BeeGee... if only you had'nt stayed out so long when you first moved there! Tsk, tsk...

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Send us sunshine BeeGee it has been wet wet wet....and cold. We four are all sleeping next to Mummy at night and on her lap during the day if we can catch her sitting down...oh and the sewing machine table when Mummy tries to quilt. So life is very quiet.
Purrs Emma