Sunday, June 21, 2009

Late Sunday Evening

It's late Sunday evening and I'm hanging out in the office while Mom does stuff on the computer. She's uninstalling some unwanted programs and cleaning up her hard drive. It's a good opportunity for me to be with her and be still and mellow. I know she likes that.

I spent most of today sunbathing on the bed, sprawled out, sleeping contentedly. We watched more of Inspector Lynley tonight -- Dad was able to get Season 4 yesterday.

I hope we go to sleep soon because I need my beauty rest. Have a good night!

Ciao meow!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi BeeGee it is cold here in Oz and we have been sleeping all day too. It's 10pm now and Mummy is finishing typing our blog notes...I am supervising from the printer. Think we will start running around for a bit then snuggle with the lounge room of course.
Purrs Emma

Pisu said...

Hi BeeGee and BeeGee's Mom&Dad!

I'm Pisu From Romania, Bucharest and I just dicovered your blog and I'm amazed by the resemblace between you and me :)
Even if my blog is in Romanian, you could check out the pictures -
I will put you on my blogroll too, because I'll be reading your posts :D

I wish you a healty life and much love from your Mom&Dad!