Tuesday, June 9, 2009

International Man of Mystery

I have a global following, I'm a guy, and I've come to love British mystery shows on DVD. That makes me an international man of mystery!

Dad's been into these programs for years, and he's been turning Mom and me onto them. We watch 'em instead of regular TV most nights -- especially during the summer when the only stuff on TV is reruns and very bad reality shows.

Speaking of which, who's reality are they talking about, anyway? I'm quite sure my folks don't know anybody who's reality is anything like what gets shown on American TV. I hope you catfans in other parts of the world get better programming than we do here!

The folks are both pooped, so we're having an early night tonight. Soon as Mom finishes this post, she and I are going to get into bed (couch), and she's going to read her novel, and I'm going to lay on her stomach!

Ciao meow!

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frazzledsugarplummum said...

lol BeeGee... we get YOUR programming!

You would look spiffy with a bowtie.

We are not impressed. We have some visitors tonight and they have taken Mummy's mattress: our bed. We were all comfortable curled up in our bottom half and we were cathandled off by the young female and her girlfriends. Our blankets are on the lounge so we will be joing you in sleeping on top of Mummy tonight...on the lounge. Mummy says we make good bedwarmers. It's going to be -1 in Tasmania tonight. Brrrrrr
Purrs Precious, Angel, Dot& Emma.