Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Indignity Of It All

Mom made me sit still so she could take this photo of me in a harness...or is it a halter? Whatever. Dad borrowed this from a neighbor lady who trained her cat to go for walks. They made me wear it around the house for a while this evening so I could get used to the dang thing. Hah!

Well, the strangest thing is, with that harness on, I sat in my old chair for a while (I haven't sat in it at all since moving to Fortuna), and I even involuntarily jumped onto the condo and played around on it for a while -- on the lower levels anyway. Like I became a different cat with that contraption on. Go figure!

So I think they're going to get me my own harness and a leash tomorrow. Mom's already been moving stuff around by the windows in her studio so I can look out them. Dad said he'd build wider sills so I have a place to sit in the sun.

I guess it's a fait accomplii then. And they haven't even bothered to ask my opinion! Oh well.

Later, my furry friends! Ciao meow.

1 comment:

frazzledsugarplummum said...

You don't look very impressed BeeGee but at least it is black. Let us know how it goes and maybe Mummy will get one for us to share .... not that I would fancy being strussed up like that either. It will be fun going to work with your Mummy though. Have fun.