Monday, May 18, 2009

Have A Drink On Me

Mom thinks I'm so cute, drinking out of her cup. When actually, I'll drink out of anything where I can get right to the water, including the toilet. I was a big fan of lapping up water out of rain puddles when I was an outdoor kitty.

This is one of my amusements these days, there's not that much else to do. Besides sleep, hide, and watch the world go by, that is. Oh, the life of a housecat...but really, I have no complaints. I consider myself extremely lucky to be so well taken care of. Thank You, Mom!

Later, catfans!

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Elizabeth B said...

If you haven't tried it, licking straight out of the faucet is the BEST! Unless, of course, the water is coming out in a gushing torrent. But you probably know that already. By the way, tell your mom that's a great mug!

We're off to our morning nap,
Sister and Arlo B