Saturday, May 30, 2009

Big Whoop

Okay, I'm home. Thirty-six hours on the road, or perhaps just hiding under a neighbor's house, and I was ready for one of Mom's bowls of catfood and some fresh water, a good brushing, and a long tummy rub. I guess I'm just more domesticated than I like to think I am.

I am grateful that I have a loving home, great parents, the right food for my protein sensitivities, and all the R & R I could ever possibly imagine. I'm humbled to realize there's no place like home!

Maybe I'm even tired enough to chill out tonight so Mom can sleep in bed all night with Dad.

And tomorrow? Back to being a lazy housecat. See you all then.

Ciao meow!


Elizabeth B said...

I am glad you had the sense to return relatively quickly and without any more chicanery. Mom and Dad are talking about getting us a soft padded fabric carrier to move us around in the car more comfortably but I'm not sure about it. I'll let you know.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi BeeGee,
Glad you got home safe. We have an outdoor cat, (a boy no less)Timmy...but we call him TimTam...visiting us at the moment and he comes in one of those padded cat carry prisons. He likes it. When he is at home he roams all the time. I don't know about that.