Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BeeGee's Big Adventure

About mid day today, Mom came home to pick me up, and I spent the afternoon with her in the studio. After an initial sniff around at everything, I hunkered down under the couch for a couple of hours, then finally jumped up onto Mom's work table to give her a hand. Wow, it was just like old times ~ me trying to capture moving thread while Mom basted her latest quilt.

I really liked being there and can't wait to go again tomorrow. Even though I was under the couch, Mom talked to me all afternoon just as though she could see me. That made me feel wonderful, knowing how much I'm loved! Even the ride over to the studio and back wasn't so terrible. Mom put on my harness and leash, picked me up bodily and put me on the car seat, and away we went. I hardly even meowed! When we came home, she put me down on the ground and I walked up the stairs and into the house under my own steam (albeit attached to the leash).

I think this is going to work. Maybe I really don't need to be an outside cat anymore, at least the way it used to be.

I know I've still got to work on the middle-of-the-night thing, though. It's always something, isn't it!

Ciao meow!


Elizabeth B said...

You're a better cat than me(ow)! I just couldn't do the harness thing, but I think getting to spend the day with mom in the studio is worth it! You do look happy!

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi BeeGee you look much happier. Studio time with Mummy agrees with you. I like to spend as much time as I can with my Mummy. Dot and Angel have been naughty escaping several times today. I wouldn't upset Mummy like that.
Enjoy tomorrow

tiedyejudy said...

Alright, BeeGee! I knew you'd make it to the studio sooner or later! Sounds like a workable arrangement to me! And I'll bet Mom's a lot happier too! Maybe if Mom takes you out a little each day on the leash and lets you get more used to your outside surroundings, you might... just might get a parole someday from the harness! But meanwhile, you're getting more attention, and you're keeping Mom happy too! Purrrrrrrr.....