Saturday, April 25, 2009

How I Got My Name

Mom always says, "The third time's the charm." Apparently I am the third cat she's had named BeeGee, but I'm the only one who took.

When Mom lived in the mountains in Southern Humboldt, the kitty above came around for a little while, and Mom was listening pretty exclusively at that time to The BeeGees' music. She thought BeeGee was such a cute name for a cat, so she named this guy. But one day he slowly walked up the driveway, and was never seen again. Mom thinks he was a bobcat/domestic cat mix. He sure was friendly, let her preen him of ticks, even spent an afternoon inside on the other kitties' (Aja and Grayson) chair! But he was also wild, so eventually he took off.

Then, a couple years later, Auntie Vicky, Mom's best friend who lives in Piercy, found this ginger guy, took him to the vet to be neutered, and then Mom adopted him. (Aunt Vicky and Uncle Pat couldn't keep him, because they already had two or three cats.) And Mom named him BeeGee. This guy was incredibly sweet, and wanted a home so badly. The other cats nearly made room for him, but Mom was unbelievably allergic to him because he had this gorgeous long hair. After less than a week with him, she could hardly breathe and her eyes were almost swollen shut. So sadly, she had to give him away -- fortunately to a guy who loved him and gave him a great home and still has him, as far as she knows.

So, still no cat named BeeGee for Mom. Until late 2004, when I was young and hanging around outside Mom's house in Eureka, with two old cat cohorts that Mom always imagined were my parents. The weather was getting bad, and I kept hanging around on the back porch, even though I was living under that old garage in back. One rainy Friday night in late November, Mom called to me to come in, and like a thunderbolt, I made a run for it into the house. And until my recent escapades staying out all night, I made sure I was in the house every single night we lived in Eureka. The living was too good, and I wasn't going to miss it.

So anyway, long story long, that's how I got my name! Sometime soon I'll write about my sister Aja, who passed on in 2005, and my brother Grayson, who left us in 2006.

Until then, Ciao Meow!

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frazzledsugarplummum said...

That's a cool story BeeGee. 1 and 2 were nice looking cats but I think the name suits you best. Big and Little Mummy named me Precious after the wicked ring on Lord of the Rings. That's little Mummy's favourite movie. I think it must have something to do with me being all black and having a dragon's face. Big Mummy is odd; she says my name in the weirdest way. I like to stay inside although I go out on the deck sometimes. Angel, the first interloper, is a non reformed roamer. The other 2 interlopers would like to wander too. Sometimes I wish they would but then again a queen has got to have some subjects.
I have three...subjects...uh sisters. I don't like Mummy to know it but the living is good here too.
Purrs & Meows. Precious.